Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our First Home....We did it:) YAY!

Last December, after months of searching for a home, we finally decided that we wanted to build. We hadn't found anything that we could both agree on, and none of the layouts seemed to be fitting for our family. Any home that we did like were gone before we could even go see them. I don't think we could have made a  better decision for our family. 

They started building at the beginning of March and finished June 17. There were many delays in the process of building that were frustrating, but all totally worth it. Our home is in Eagle Mountain. After being here for just over a month we couldn't be more happy. We can already tell that we love our ward, our neighbors, this area is beautiful and we love our home. 

I was waiting to put pictures up until I got my decorations up, but lets be honest, that is going to take a while. My parents are going to come down next week to help us finish our basement so we have been working to get ready for that. So for those who have been waiting to see our new home here are some pics of our home as it stands now!

Living Room 

Our home is very open, it's one big great room, which is perfect for my family right now. When I am cooking in the kitchen the kids can be playing or watching a movie in the living room and I can keep a nice close eye on them! 


Right when you walk into our entry way, our den is off to the left. Don't judge, I know it is crazy messy now. I have nowhere to put anything. So I decided this is going to be my first project to finish. So stay tuned cuz I have some awesome design plans for this room!

I'm a little embarrased:)


Dining Room

Dining/ kitchen, as if you couldn't tell:)

Different views so you can get a feel for layout. Don't worry, your not seeing yellow spots. Well you are, but they are really there, not just in your head. I have been trying to get a feel for it to make sure I like it. Gabe and I had actually painted the entry and living room yellow. But I didn't like it, so I painted it a light gray/blue. I didn't like it. It was then I realized that I loved the beauty of the pure white. There is nothing wrong with all the white. I think once my pictures are up the room will look even more beautiful and complete. So I painted it back white. Poor Gabe, has a wife who is always changing her mind. But in my defense, he always likes it in the end. But i think I really like the yellow on the kitchen wall, so I'll get on that! 

We are working on this basement next week and I can't wait. I'm so excited to see my parents, and to have a basement to do fun things with! 

This is the future bedroom!

The end of this room is going to be the theater room.

This is going to be a game room.

This is view from inside our bathroom. I didn't show pictures of our bathroom yet because it was messy and I didn't have time to clean it:)

I also have some awesome ideas for our master. In 3 words...comfort rustic elegance;) 

Toy Room

This is the messy toy room. Don't worry we always clean it up at night! But the kids have a hay day during the day. This room is located at the top of the stairs to the left. It's also our guest room. I'm going to have to put some curtains up so they don't feel too exposed:)

View out the back

That's it! I will put pictures up of the kids rooms later. They were sleeping when I decided to just take pictures and finally put them on the blog. Don't worry your not missing much yet. Their rooms are pretty empty with only there beds in it. But I'm going to have a great year putting everything together. I just can't wait to get my hands on it all!


chrisjones said...

Beautiful home!

McKay and Ashley Pearson said...

So pretty! I love it Crystal! You will have to post when you get all your projects done!

The Yuan Fam said...

Beautiful!! Congrats you guys! Hopefully soon we'll be buying. We're moving to Riverton in a week and a half and we're looking forward to starting this new journey! We love Eagle Mountain but right now it's not worth the commute. Maybe when we buy, we'll look there. Hopefully we can see each other when we're all settled!

Devin and Becky said...

Yaaay! I love it and am so excited for you!! p.s I love that rug and have been wanting one just like it wierddd!!! also love the white! keep up the good work!